Your Arabian story begins…

…in the heart of the Abu Dhabi desert, nestled in the dunes, where a one-of-a-kind village will bring you the most authentic and memorable Emirati cultural experience.

Arabian Nights Village is an integral part of any visit to Abu Dhabi and a must-see for intrepid travellers, family visitors and UAE residents.

‘Al bayt baytak’, our house is your house

Arabs have long considered generosity to be the highest of virtues and this is celebrated in Bedouin poetry, sayings and songs.

In honour of Bedouin tradition, you will be welcomed to the village with warmth and kindness. You will be considered as a member of the family.

The traditional welcome of fresh cardamom-spiced Arabic coffee , dates and the fragrance of Bakhoor is blended seamlessly with the modern convenience of a concierge and hotel level service to make you feel at home.

Al Maqam Restaurant

‘Al Maqam’ means ‘Gathering Place’ in Arabic and this is the place where we meet and eat together.

Food & Beverage

  • Local Emirati dishes
  • Traditional Arabic dishes
  • International culinary classics
  • Live cooking stations and spit roasts
  • Live bread making
  • El Tanoor & Saj
  • Healthy food choices
  • Royal Arabian Banquets
  • Complimentary soft drinks
  • A wide selection of beverages

Al Maqam features:

  • Arabian style floor level and sunken seating
  • Arabian Majlis style
  • Authentic handmade crockery with Arabian calligraphy
  • Fire pits for winter nights
  • Live entertainment
  • Open air seating
  • Palm thatched terrace
  • Sheesha

A mirage? Or a real Oasis?

When you first peer over the dunes that surround Arabian Nights Village you will see what at first seems like a mirage is in fact a real oasis surrounded by palm trees.

Our Oasis Pool has an epic desert view during the day and you can watch shooting stars on the clear crisp nights. Our guests class our swimming pool as one-of-a-kind, one they will remember for a lifetime.

A one-of-a-kind venue

Customized packages are available for:

  • Corporate events
  • Product launches
  • Team building
  • Private events

Our team is ready to assist you in planning and managing your event.

Razeen Area – Al Khatim – Abu Dhabi

Our location makes us unique, as Arabian Nights Village is strategically positioned not far from the city, yet far enough away to find complete peace and to observe the majesty of the stars at night.
Arabian Nights Village Location Map